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Engineering services for existing molded fiber producers as well as tailored production equipment for expanding or start-up enterprises.

Full Production Systems

  • Single Production Line Systems from 260-522 kg of bone-dry fiber production per hour

  • Multiple, Integrated Production Line Systems from 522 kg and up of bone-dry fiber production per hour

  • Ability to use natural fiber pulp including alternative non-wood pulps such as wheatgrass, bagasse, switchgrass


Stand Alone Components

Wet Ends

  • Standalone and Multi-line Stock Prep

  • Integrated Approach Systems



  • Thick Wall Slush Molding - Type I process

  • Precision Thin Wall Molding - Type 2 and 4 process

    • 600 Series - 2 Face Rotary

    • 1200 Series - 4 Face Rotary

    • Reciprocating from small to large format platen sizes


Heat Recovery/Economizer Packages

  • Standalone and Integrated



  • Single Pass

  • Multi Pass

  • Egg Carton Specific

  • Packaging Specific

  • Dryer Retrofits



Plant System Analysis, Design & Modifications


Plant Efficiency Audits


Process Design and Implementation




 With each process we analyze and improve, and each piece of machinery we design, manufacture and install, our customers have consistently seen improved production efficiency, lower production costs and greater reliability.


219 Anderson St.

Suite 5

Portland, ME 04101



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LaCasse & Weston began designing and engineering industrial air systems in 1987 for a wide range of industrial uses. We refined our focus to concentrate on solutions-based engineering for molded fiber manufacturers, committed to the belief that smarter processes and better equipment could revolutionize the packaging industry. Designs that work right and keep working. 


As our experience and knowledge have grown, we have continued to innovate, broadening the conventional wisdom of what's possible with each new generation of our equipment. 


Molded Pulp Production Machine



That's what we do.

Stock Prep. Molded Pulp Equipment.

Disposable packaging manufactured from paper, plastic, films or molded fiber. Products include plates, bowls, cups, napkins, containers and carriers.

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Cullen Packaging
Cullen Packaging

Cullen Packaging is one of the world's leading, innovative, conceptual design and packaging manufacturers.

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LEI Packaging
LEI Packaging

LEI Packaging is a premier manufacturer of molded pulp packaging. We design and manufacture sustainable packaging for the consumer products industry.

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Sappi North America
Sappi North America

Producer of coated woodfree paper which is used in publications such as annual reports, catalogues, brochures and magazines.

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Manufacturer of molded pulp products for interior packaging protection.

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UFP Technologies
UFP Technologies

UFP Technologies is a producer of innovative custom-engineered components, products, and specialty packaging.

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CKF Inc.
CKF Inc.

CKF Inc. recognizes the importance of it's environmental footprint and ensures that great efforts are taken to provide a full line of recyclable products

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